Curriculum Vitae


Spoken Languages

Portuguese (Fluently), English (Fluently), Spanish (Basic)


Skilled and quality-driven, with a passion for videogames.

Professionally employed in the industry for many years and having launched multiple titles on the market, I’m experienced with several technologies and languages in writing gameplay, network and backend code.

I am always learning and improving my work, striving to write the highest quality possible, in performance and readability.

  • Passionate developer with several hobby projects.
  • Over five years of professional experience in the industry, having launched multiple titles on both PC, consoles and mobile platforms.
  • Experience in developing online multiplayer titles.
  • Deep knowledge of C, C++, Erlang and Objective-C.
  • I work well in small, dynamic and multidisciplinary teams always willing to go the extra mile.



C/C++, C#, Objective-C, Erlang, Action Script 3, Java, Python, Scala


CryEngine, Unity3d, Cocos2d-iphone, Flixel, Ogre3d

Tools & IDE’s

Visual Studio, Xcode, Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, Perforce, Git, Svn


Solid knowledge of vector maths and physics, AI agents, client-server communications, graphics rendering pipelines, design patterns and user-centric interface design.

Professional Experience


As a senior gameplay programmer for Hunt: Showdown, I had the opportunity of working on various systems core to the game experience.

Most importantly, the correct networking (prediction, reconciliation and lag compensation) of player movement over the up to 12 concurrent players.

In addition to this, I also worked on the games’ weapons to develop the hit validation system for gunshots and melee attacks over the network, compensating for player latency, but maintaining full server-side authority.

Another significant contribution of mine was the creation of the Quest System, which manages all secondary player progression objectives, from dailies/weeklies, to quest-lines for unlocking new equipment, to tracking achievements. I developed this system in full, including the toolset for system designers to assemble whatever quests they wish for, as well as development on the C# backend, to track and store quest progress in player accounts.

Apart from these I also worked on other gameplay systems, such as environmental damage volumes, world interaction points, aim assist system on consoles, player account backend system improvements, etc…


Summary: mobile, I worked full-fledged as its only server developer. My responsibilities ranged from developing and adapting c++ server-side code, programming an erlang service layer and managing the server infrastructure in AWS. mobile I was the client side technical lead of a team of 6 developers during development of the base game as well as a year of content updates. My functions involved working on gameplay and networking code, as well as system design and architecture.

Maestro, I built maestro as an erlang based, generic service layer, enabling the company to simply plug it into game specific code base and with it having access to a wide range of common services(accounts, in-apps, etc…).


During the summer of 2012 I took a summer internship position at Moonberry studios to start gaining professional experience in the videogame industry.

During this internship I was put in charge of developing an internal prototype for a top down multiplayer survival shooter.

I was in charge of the client gameplay code as well as developing the online server, having to tackle issues such as syncing, prediction and hack prevention.


I worked at SINFO as an event organizer for two years. During this time, I was always tasked with contacting, and arranging travel and lodging for our invited international speakers, as well as negotiating with portuguese tech companies for their sponsorship of the event.

During my second year at SINFO I had the pleasure of taking the role of team leader, In which I worked to uphold our standards of excellence and professionalism in dealing with speakers, sponsors and our visitors as well. This effort bore fruit, as SINFO constantly improves and impresses all participants as can be evidenced in some of our testimonials:

I was always more closely connected to the videogame section of the event, having created the Innovation Awards, which still continues as part of the event to this day.


MSc in Information Systems and Computer Engineering

Major: Multimedia Systems Minor: Intelligent Systems

Courses taken: 3d Simulation and Game Programing, Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, User Centred Design, Decision Support Systems, Game Design and Development, Technology for Games and Simulation

BSc Information Systems and Computer Engineering

Courses taken: Differential Calculus (I & II), Mecanics and Waves, Electromagnetism, Probabilities, Complex Analysis, Compilers, Computer Graphics, Operating Systems, Databases, Human-Computer Interaction, Distributed Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering

Soft Skills

Mentor, NAPE, Núcleo de Apoio ao Estudante (Student Support Group)

From September 2010 to July 2011,

I volunteered as mentor in the mentorship program at Intituto Superior Técnico. The purpose of this programme was to welcome new students to the university and help them cope with the change we all go through when we first arrive at the campus.

Other Info


Gaming, Lindy Hop, Archery, Biking

Favorite videogames

Rainbow Six Siege, Final Fantasy IX, Shadow of the Colossus, Guild Wars series, Kerbal Space Program, Civilization series.

Favorite Books

Isaac Asimov’s Nine Tommorows tales, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, The Martian

Music I listen to as I code

Swing and Jazz, Classical, Folk, Rock