Project Portfolio past projects. Both professional and hobby

Professional Work

  • Hunt: Showdown

    Hunt: Showdown

    C++, Highlight, Professional Work

    Hunt: Showdown is a competitive first-person PvP bounty hunting game with heavy PvE elements, set in the darkest corners of the world.

  • Mobile Mobile

    C++, Highlight, Professional Work mobile is a multiplayer online game, currently available worldwide on both iOS and Android, based on the hit web game,

  • Element Wars

    Element Wars

    Cocos2d, Highlight, iOS, Objective C, Professional Work

    Element Wars is a free-to-play match-4 competitive multiplayer game, currently released for the iOS platforms.


Hobby Projects

  • Kanyon Bird

    Kanyon Bird

    C#, Highlight, Hobby Projects, Playable, Unity 3D

    Kanyon Bird features the exiting voyage of a bird as he attempts to reach the end of a kanyon alive.

  • Bipolar


    C#, Hobby Projects, Playable, Unity 3D

    Bipolar is a first person, physics based, platform-puzzle game under development as a hobby project.

  • Galactic Movers

    Galactic Movers

    Academic, Cocos2d, Hobby Projects, iOS, Objective C

    Galactic Movers is a casual endless runner game made for the iOS platform.

  • Geometrymancer


    Academic, C++, Hobby Projects, OpenGL

    A tech experiment rather than a finished game. An academic project where we created our own engine using openGL.

  • Base10


    Action Script 3, C#, Hobby Projects

    Base10 is a top-down multiplayer class-based shooter, and my first attempt at coding a realtime multiplayer server.

  • Sebastian


    Action Script 3, Flixel, Hobby Projects

    Created in 72 hours, for Ludum Dare #25 with the theme “You are the villain”. Achieved position in the Top 10 out of 200+ projects.

  • Skyrim Mod: Middle-Earth Roleplaying Project

    Skyrim Mod: Middle-Earth Roleplaying Project

    Hobby Projects, Modding

    A modding project for TES V: Skyrim with the intent of making a total conversion mod into the world of middle-earth from Lord of the Rings.

  • Burger Chaser

    Burger Chaser

    All, Gamemaker, Hobby Projects, Playable

    A mix between snake and pacman, burger chaser is a game where you need to catch all the burgers while evading the red enemies.